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Mary Jo Hiney Designs

Straited Rainbow Scalloped Seashell Box

Straited Rainbow Scalloped Seashell Box

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MJ's handcrafted Scalloped Seashell is covered with our unique striated rainbow silk velvet along the box side.  The seashell has a complex shape.  It is handcut and formed from various types of cardboard in the style of cartonnage, the art of French box making.

The scalloped seashell box measures about 6 3/4" at its widest and stands about 1 1/2" tall.  The exterior has a Coral velvet lid and is finished with Coastal Fog silk ribbon and organza, then accented with picot beading and flower crystals along the front edge. The lower box side edge is finished with silk organza in Coastal Fog and fluted Vintage Pansy velvet ribbon.  Narrow Salmon ribbon outlines the lowest edge of the box side.  The water lily flower is comprised of six different silk ribbon shades utilizing a ribbonwork technique developed by Mary Jo.  Inside, the seashell is covered with softly draped Coastal Fog silk organza overlaid onto pink silk dupioni.  Edges are beaded. 

This one-of-a-kind piece will arrive with a petite booklet included, signed and dated by MJ, that describes the seashell's intricacies and unique qualities as written here. The construction and finishing used to create this scalloped seashell box is of couture quality.


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