Our Story

Claire and MJ started working together officially in 2020, but have really been a team since 1988.  The two share a lot of similarities and a lot of differences at the same time.  Claire's organizational and analytical skills merged with MJ's unfettered creativity make for a winning combination.  Claire is learning how to be less structured and MJ is learning how to be more organized.  Both of these two gals have a natural ability to see colors in their minds and then create them in reality.  

MJ's primary skill is as a couture seamstress which became instrumental when writing how-to books.  She loves to create ribbonwork, ribbon embroidery and cartonnage and is a master craftswoman.

Claire's primary skill is having the mentality of an athlete which translates to efficiency, recognizing how to improve any process and getting the job done.

Our mission is to create beautiful products in a broad range of colors and designs that inspires and teaches creatives everywhere to lose and find themselves in the joy of the planning, the process, the methods, the colors, the techniques and the completion of an idea, a project, a goal or a gift.  

MJ's credits include being a how-to author and pattern designer for Sterling/Chapelle, Design Originals, Krause, Vogue Patterns, Mokuba and Offray booklets.  Her Craftsy class "Embroidering with Ribbon" is a classic.  More video how to's can be found at MadeTV and on our YouTube channel.