Collection: All Shades

Our silk ribbon has an even weave and a bit of a taffeta hand.  We dye our ribbons in five widths: 2mm, 3.5mm, 7mm, 13mm and 32mm.  These ribbons are used for ribbon embroidery, ribbonwork, embellishment, art cards and gift giving, to name a few suggestions.

Our ribbon shades are remarkably combinable.  We often add body to the 13mm and 32mm widths with a light spray of sizing. 

Our ribbon is dye-set and throughly washed.  We recommend hand-washing the ribbons in cool water with a non-alkaline soap, such as Ivory or Woolite.  As with any natural fiber, sunlight will encourage fading.  

Colors are subject to slight variations due to the nature of the hand-dye process. 

All Shades