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Mary Jo Hiney Designs

Hydrangea Petite Hexagon Etui

Hydrangea Petite Hexagon Etui

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MJ's handcrafted, hexagon-shaped Hydrangea etui has been designed as a beautiful place to hold favored hand-sewing needles and pins, but would just as easily display a collection of treasured brooches. 

This is a one-of-a-kind piece, signed and dated by Mary Jo. The construction and finishing used to create this etui is of couture quality.

The Hydrangea Petite Hexagon Etui measures about 3 1/4" tall and is about 3" wide.  The hidden construction elements are cardboard, wool batting and wool felt.  The exterior is covered in Hydrangea and Vintage Pansy hand-dyed silk jacquards and matelassés.  The interior is comprised of Lilac silk velvet needle panels and a Fresh Mint silk velvet pincushion.  The three-layered half-circle ribbonwork accents on the etui exterior are comprised of Sage, Lilac and Hydrangea silk ribbon.  Tiny beads accent the lid's scalloped edge while narrow, hand-dyed French lace and beadwork grace the top of the lid.  At the lid center is a velvet-covered magnet.  The lid can also be used as a tray.

Etui: From the 17th century French verb estuier, to hold, and its nominal derivative estui, a holder/container, an étui is a small, decorative case that was used to hold and carry sewing items, sealing wax or toilet articles.  The etui was designed to be a portable fashion accessory, a kind of predecessor to the handbag.  


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