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Mary Jo Hiney Designs

Bright Flower Handcrafted Fan

Bright Flower Handcrafted Fan

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The Bright Flower handcrafted fan card provides an option to add your own greeting of choice, if so desired, with the included graphics for Hugs & Kisses, Thinking of You, Thank You, Happy Birthday or Happy Mother's Day.  Simply trim away the greeting of choice and gently glue it in place on the center blade. 

From the creative heart of MJ Hiney, each fan is a petite piece of colorful art, made from layers of fine quality papers and cardboards.  Each blade is hand-cut, then woven together and finished with hand-dyed silk ribbons.  MJ's Handcrafted Fans are simple, meaningful gifts that bring a little bit of joy into the recipients hands.  MJ creates each fan to order and each is signed and dated.






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