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Mary Jo Hiney Designs

Boho Needlebook

Boho Needlebook

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MJ's Boho Needlebook is comprised of Marigold jacquard, Nasturtium matelassé and Cabbage Rose organza.  It is embellished with silk ribbonwork: a 3-layered ribbonwork dahlia, a mountain fold geranium and a flat loop daisy, along with floss and ribbon embroidery and beadwork.  There are two velvet-covered magnets, one in the needlebook interior and the other on the needlebook back.  Wool felt pages supply the interior needle storage.  Hand-dyed French lace further embellishes the composition.

This is a one-of-a-kind piece, signed and dated by Mary Jo. The construction and finishing used to create this soft needlebook is of couture quality.

The Boho Needlebook measures about 5 1/2" tall and is about 4" wide with a 3/4" spine.  


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