The Fascinator

Fascinator pincushion pattern from Pincushions on Parade, by Mary Jo Hiney

Fascinator Pincushion Pattern, by Mary Jo Hiney

The Fascinator is my latest pincushion pattern from the Pincushions on Parade pattern line.  The Fascinator is both a pincushion and a double-stacked box.  Such a great and useful mixed media project to enjoy creating.  The photo shows the Fascinator done in the “Independent” 7-piece silk pak coloration – a collection of two shades of Red dupioni, Cream silk organza, Ivory dupioni and three shades of Blue dupioni.  Pretty!  Come see the Fascinator in person at the Long Beach International Quilt Show, which begins July 28th!

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I Was Carded!

The other day, we needed to find an inexpensive vest for Ev and decided to give Goodwill a try.  There was only one vest in the shop and it was a good one and in the perfect size to boot!   I have to say, there were lots of fun things at this Goodwill location.  Anyway, I decided to search for a handbag for myself.  I really need to make a cute one and it needs to be kind of big with lots of places to organize stuff, but I don’t have time at the moment, what with getting ready for Create! Anyway, I found a really nice one that will do for now.  So, with my senior (55+) discount, the handbag was $4. 27.  Love It!  So, Ev and I are both at the counter to pay for our purchases and of course we asked if we could get the 10% discount.  Of Course.  The gal at the counter was really sweet, but said she needed  to card us because neither of us looked old enough to receive that discount!   HAHAHAHAHA.   HAHAHAHAHA.  Well, did that ever make my day!  It’s been a long time since I was carded.  HAHAHAHAHAH.

Hugs,  M

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Using Glue to Laminate Cardboard to Fabric

Pot 'O Gold Pincushion

Pot 'O Gold Pincushion, from the Pincushions on Parade Pattern Collection

Here’s one of my favorite tricky technique tips, which is perfect for all of the Pincushions on Parade Patterns.

Laminating is just a fancy word that means gluing layers together.  I prefer Thin-Bodied Tacky Glue to laminate fabric to cardboard, but it is not always available.  To compensate, I will minimally water down Tacky Glue.   Both the Thin-Bodied and regular Tacky glues are formulated to work fabulously with fabric.  It is my preferred glue by far!

To laminate, you need the Tacky Glue (or Thin-Bodied Tacky Glue), a 3” disposable paint roller, a disposable tray, an opened brown paper bag, rag that is wet on one end and dry on the other, and possibly a water-filled spray bottle.

To get started, pour a 2” wide circle of glue into disposable tray.  If using Tacky glue, spray glue 2 – 3 times with water-filled spray bottle, then use 3” foam roller to work water through glue (Thin-Bodied does not required thinning down).  Test for desired consistency of being able to spread a thin, even layer of glue onto cardboard surface.  When glue in tray has been used up, add more, thin as necessary.

Wet half of rag and keep it handy.  Position fabric on clean work surface, wrong side up.  Place cardboard on opened brown bag, with appropriate side up.

Roll off some glue that is on roller onto brown bag, but off to the side. Thoroughly but lightly coat cardboard with glue.  Place cardboard centered onto fabric, glued side down.  Clean and dry hands quickly, then flip fabric/cardboard over to right side.  Smooth fabric in place everywhere, paying very close attention to all outer edges.  Repeat process for each piece to be laminated. Finishing details will vary depending on the project.

The roller can be used for other aspects of gluing as well, as it offers the ability to apply a very desirable light layer of glue.  Clean roller when through laminating with soap and water.

Try it, you’ll like it!

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A Birthday Party for my Mom

ass=”size-medium wp-image-55″ style=”border: 1px solid black;” title=”Mom, circa 1946. How cute is she!” src=”×300.jpg” alt=”Marie Randise, circa 1946″ width=”136″ height=”300″ />

Mom, circa 1946. How cute is she!

In August, my Mom will turn the ripe old age of ……ohoh, I think I might get into trouble if I tell everyone her age.  It should be okay to say she was born in 1923, tho, don’t you think?  Anyway, us Randise (my maiden name) siblings are throwing her a party and we are really excited.    This Easter Sunday, we’re getting together to brainstorm about  plans, but we will definitely be making Mom’s fabulous Canoli, as she really has the best recipe ever!

This morning, I had breakfast with FROTH (FRiends Of The Heart) …I’m the newbie…  I brought up the party we’re putting together for Mom and you would not believe how many fabulous ideas they had, especially when I said I had $0 for a my decorating budget.  Who needs money when you have friends!

Oh, I’ve always loved vintage clothing and it just so happens that I have the very jacket Mom is wearing in this photo.  I’m going to remake it for the very hip young women in my life, Lexi, Marissa and Claire Bear.  They will love it!  And I think I can actually do it now that my skills are better, or maybe I’m just more confident.

I’ll keep you posted on party plans!



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It’s Time for May Flowers

May Flowers Pincushion Pattern

May Flowers pincushion pattern from Mary Jo Hiney Designs

My Dad was a cabinet maker and during much of my childhood,  he worked on many side jobs in our garage, which is probably the reason I feel the garage is the best room in the house.  It’s a magical place.  I often had the great good fortune of observing how he made things and he was a master craftsman.

My two brothers are woodworkers too and for a short period of time, I had a hands-on learning experience with my little brother in forming boxes from cardboard.  It’s a long story….But during this time with Frankie Joe, I learned how to make precisely-fitting boxes.

So, not only do I love to sew, a wonderful gift from my Mom, but I LOVE to make wonderful shapes from cardboard!

May Flowers is a pincushion and a box.  Lift the tufted, pale lavender puff and a small, narrowing box area is revealed.  All of the Pincushions on Parade patterns have subtitles – just my little way of saying something more.  May Flowers’ subtitle is “More Dear than the Lilies of the Field,” which is us, of course….

Collect them all!  They’re great, silly fun and a really interesting learning experience in mixed media.  Yay!

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Gentlemen Con Shirt Pattern 101 is Here!

Gentlemen Con Pattern # 101 Cover

Gentlemen Con Pattern # 101 Cover

I wanted to make something wonderful and unique for our son Josh for his 29th birthday. What could that be? Most everything I make is quite girly. Well, early in my sewing career, I made men’s shirts all the time. Why not make a shirt for Josh? Being one to hold on to old patterns, I dug through my collection and found exactly what I needed, a mens’ shirt pattern from the 1970’s! After shopping with our daughter, Claire, to pick out just the right fabric, I proceeded to make him a great shirt with wonderful finishing touches.

My friend, Rob Appell , owner of The Cotton Ball in Morro Bay, CA, helped me out by digitizing and machine-embroidering one of Josh’s graphic designs onto his birthday shirt. The shirt turned out great and Josh loved it. I had no idea Josh collected cool men’s shirts to wear and that he searched them out far and wide, so it was the perfect gift. But more importantly, Josh said to me, “I want to design shirts with you, Mom.” And that was the beginning of the Gentleman Con shirt pattern line!

This past March, Mary Jo Hiney Designs unveiled the first Gentlemen Con (as in construction) shirt pattern at the Sewing and Stitchery Expo in Puyallup, Washington. Because it was such a special accomplishment for us, we decided to offer a limited supply for the roll-out and to autograph each numbered pattern, which Josh and I did just before our road trip to Puyallup.

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